Sailing in San Diego Bay

Water Splash from yacht sailing in San Diego Bay

San Diego Bay is a wonderful place to go sailing. There is so much to see, with views of the city skyline, Maritime Museum and USS Midway Aircraft Carrier, Coronado Bridge, the Naval Base, and sea-lions.

Sea Lions in San Diego Bay

You can go out sailing on one of the America's Cup yachts, or if you have your sailing license you can rent a boat and take yourself out.

I recommend taking a look at the different options available at San Diego Sightseeing: Sailing Tours.

Americas Cup Yacht in San Diego Bay

What should you take along on a sailing adventure? A windbreaker, because no matter how sunny it is the wind can be fresh out on the water, sunscreen, a hat, water, and I would recommend a LifeProof case and a LifeJacket to keep your phone dry and floating!

LifeProof case and LifeJacket are essential for any sailing adventure.

Check out this little video of my time on the water: