San Diego Ocean Beach Instameet Travel Adventure

On the weekend I went on my very first Instameet. Basically it's a group of like-minded Instagram enthusiasts who get together and go on a photo walk or outing together.

Silhouette of a man doing a one-handed stand on a pier railing ocean beach san diego instameet

I was a little nervous at first, because I didn't know anyone else in the group, but they were all really friendly and took turns posing for other people's photos. Some even went to extremes to make sure others got the perfect shot (including almost getting washed out to sea)!

Ocean Beach San Diego Instameet Man standing on rock in ocean with waves

Some of the more experienced instameeters brought along props to spark the imagination of the other members of the group.

Native American Headdress ocean beach san diego instameet travel adventure iphoneography

The best way I've found to get notification of when there is an instameet near you is to search for your local 'Igers' (or Instagramers) group on Instagram. The closest for me at the moment is IgersSanDiego and they post updates whenever one is organized.

Flowers ocean beach san diego california instameet iphoneography travel adventure

The outing ended up being quite the adventure. In addition to seeing a part of San Diego I hadn't seen before, I did my part to sacrifice sanity (and dry clothes) for the sake of capturing the photo...

Getting soaked by waves in order to capture the photo Ocean Beach San Diego California instameet travel adventure

Here's the shot I captured.

Photo from under the waves captured with lifeproof Ocean Beach San Diego instameet travel adventure

All I can say is thank goodness for my LifeProof iPhone case!

Sun rays coming through the clouds. Ocean Beach San Diego instameet travel adventure

Instameets are definitely worth checking out, especially if you're into iPhoneography and Instagram as much as I am! You can see more pics on Instagram at www.Instagram.com/SweetDivergence

If you've been on an instameet before, leave me a comment and tell me where you went! And here's a quick video wrap up of some of the fun we had.


  1. Looks like fun on the beautiful west coast, can't wait for the next one!

    1. Absolutely! Such a great way to meet like-minded Instagramers and capture some interesting photos!