How to film a time lapse on your phone

Tutorial on how to film a time lapse video using lifeproof and your phone Jessica Mack

I get a lot of questions about how I create all of my time lapse videos. It's really very easy and I do it all on my phone! So today I posted a guest tutorial on the LifeProof blog. Go check it out, or read some of the post here:


Last weekend I went along to a local Instameet down at Imperial Beach in San Diego and thought I’d test out my new iPhone 5s fre case and get some time lapse video in the wet, sandy conditions.

Here are a few highlights from the video I captured:

And here's another I recently made at the Denver International Airport:

If you’d like to create a time lapse of your own, here’s what you’ll need:

LifeProof Case 

Your LifeProof case will protect your device from drops, bumps, splinters, bruises, or skinned knees if it is knocked over while you are filming. It will also keep out any dirt, sand, mud, water, ice-cream or other mucky stuff, which means you can get creative with your location!

Time lapse Apps

What’s time lapse? It is a series of photos, taken at regular intervals, and then strung together to give you a video that speeds up a period of time when played back. Using time lapse you could fit an entire day into just a few minutes! There are lots of great time lapse apps available for both iOS and Android. My personal favorites are TimeLapse for iOS and Lapse It, which is available for iOS and Android. Each of them lets you play around with the settings to get the effect you want. You can choose the number of photos, the intervals they are taken at, make the video faster or slower, and add your favorite tunes!


A good steady surface is essential or the time lapse effect won’t be as effective. I really like the iStabilizer mini tripod which has a mount specifically designed to hold a smartphone. The mount can even be unscrewed and used with a full-size camera tripod. The legs on the iStabilizer tripod are also flexible and grippy, so you can use it just about anywhere!

Location, location, location!

The final thing you need is a location for your time lapse. For the best result try to find a place with some stationary items, such as buildings, trees, mountains etc. and with some movement over time (think clouds, cars, crowds of people, the sun or moon etc).

If you have any questions about making your own LifeProof time lapse leave a comment below! And I'd love to see your time lapse adventures on social media! Tag them #LifeProofTimeLapse on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or Google+!