Celebrating the start of summer in Martha's Vineyard

Gay Heads Lighthouse at Martha's Vineyard travel

We kicked off the official start of summer and the longest day of the year in Martha's Vineyard, a little island south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, accessible by plane or boat. We only spent a couple of days there, but I completely fell in love with the place.

While we were there they were having the summer Strawberry Festival, we went to the Farmer's Markets, visited the Gay Head Cliffs and Light House, and spent time strolling through the shops and wonderful restaurants of Edgartown.

Farmer's Markets Martha's Vineyard

Edgartown Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard has such an interesting and rich history, from the relationships between Native American tribes on the island, the development of a unique sign language due to a high percentage of hereditary deafness, to the tragic connection with the Kennedys. Year-round residency on the island is pretty low at 16,535 but in the summer Martha's Vineyard is swamped with an additional 75,000 tourists and affluent summer vacationers.

Steven Spielberg filmed Jaws in the fishing village of Menemsha on Martha's Vineyard n 1974, do you recognize anything?

Menemsha site of Jaws in Martha's Vineyard

Menemsha site of Jaws in Martha's Vineyard

Just after the Civil War, a large Methodist campground, with open air revivals, was established in the Oaks Bluff area. Colorful 'gingerbread cottages' were built to resemble the tents, all facing inwards towards the central church tabernacle. The area is now a National Historic Landmark, and it is definitely worth wandering through the shady streets and stopping to admire the ornate houses.

Gingerbread cottages Oaks Bluff Martha's Vineyard Methodist Campground

If relaxing on the beach with a good book is more your thing, Martha's Vineyard certainly accommodates. The beaches here are pristine, and the water is beautiful (if a little on the cool side). Just watch out for Jaws' cousin!

Martha's Vineyard beaches

For a relatively small island there are a lot of fine dining establishments and delicious eats. My recommendations are Among the Flowers Cafe for a causal breakfast or brunch, Richardson's for ice-cream or delicious coffee and bagels, and l'etoile restaurant for dinner. The food and service are both wonderful, and make sure you sit outside in the garden, it's magical.

l'etoile restaurant at Martha's Vineyard

If you're wondering where to stay in Martha's Vineyard, there are lots of holiday rentals, but don't expect to find anything last minute during the summer months!

We stayed at the Oaks Bluff Inn, which from the outside looked....well, very pink. But was completely lovely on the inside. The owner was more than hospitable and put out beach chairs and towels for us, cookies in the afternoons and fresh breakfast items in the mornings.

We stayed in the private top-floor suite which boasts two rooms, well appointed kitchen (complete with espresso machine), living, and dining areas, two balconies, and best of all, private access to the turret lookout on the roof!

Oaks Bluff Inn Martha's Vineyard

Check out my video from Martha's Vineyard, I'll show you the view from the top of the Oak's Bluff Inn.

Something else I highly recommend is watching the sunset from the Gay Head Cliffs and Lighthouse. It was truly spectacular, the photos don't do it justice.

Gay Head Cliffs Martha's Vineyard

Gay Head Cliffs Lighthouse Martha's Vineyard

Gay Head Cliffs Martha's Vineyard sunset

So that wraps up our quick trip to Martha's Vineyard. I can't wait to go back and explore the island some more! Maybe I'll see you there...

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