Private Jets: My New Favorite Thing

iPad Mini pilot navigation eclipse 500 private jet travel

Ok, I'm not sure how to write this post without it sounding completely pretentious and snobby, but here goes anyway. I was recently lucky enough to be flown out to Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts for the first weekend of summer, in a private jet. And what it comes down to is that I'm now completely spoiled and don't ever want to fly commercial again.

Private Jet Eclipse 500 New York to Martha's Vineyard Travel

A pilot friend met up with us in New York City and we all flew out to Martha's Vineyard in his Eclipse 500. I was excited to be flying privately, but I didn't realize just how good it would be. No long lines at the airport, no stripping at security checkpoints, actually being treated like a human being by airport crew, not getting squished between a fat, sweaty man and a woman who won't stop coughing (which always seems to happen to me), no luggage limits, you can BYO alcohol, no having to turn off your electronic devices (that's a myth apparently), and best of all you set your own timetable.

Flying in a private jet Eclipse 500 from new york to Martha's Vineyard

There are other benefits to flying privately too, which include being able to go to locations that simply aren't frequented by the major airlines. You'd be amazed at how many smaller airports are dotted around the country, just waiting for your visit!

And if you're worried about flying in a small plane, don't be. I'm terrible with heights, don't do roller coasters, and blanch at the first sign of turbulence, but I can tell you that our flights were smoother than any commercial flight I've ever taken.

Check out this little video to get a taste of private flying.

Apart from being a real life 'Most Interesting Man in the World' who seems to be licenced to drive, sail, and fly anything you put in front of him, he also runs a charity for children with life-altering illness called Around the World for Life.

It's a wonderful charity that provides the joy of flying to children who wouldn't otherwise get to experience it. I was lucky enough to participate in a fundraising event they held in Texas last year, and seeing those children's smiles really warmed my heart. Check out this video and visit www.aroundtheworldforlife.org if you'd like to learn more.

Stay tuned for my next post, where I'll show you why I'm completely in love with Martha's Vineyard!